"No god but God"

So same Saddam

The meatman of Baghdad

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Before self executed

Did he ladle God?

Certainly specified could be refuted.

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Islamic law in Muslim nations has muted

Freedom of saintly expression

Shown the hunch of Allah

And to the worldwide tutored a lesson

Violating frequent quality rights

Troubled many an souls next to insomniac nights

Permitting the blistering and bombardment of churches

Continual killing of Jews of Christians

Now Islamic jihadists are bloodbath Americans and Europeans

No god but God

Is a extraordinary concept

For all new gods in any case Jesus

We should astutely reject

Unlike Reza Aslan does project

Islam is not a religion

Firmly rooted in the prophetic

Jewish and Christian mental object.

The Torah and Bible appointment Islam

Erroneous and an abomination.

That should be quite obvious

Look about the planetary at Islam's murderous

Rage of religion, intolerant opinion

Hence it lacks spiritual dominion

For it spreads itself by violence

All remaining religions Islam meets with defiance

The seer Muhammad

Is not one righteous of our reliance

This so-called diviner disobeyed his own doctrine

Marrying wives far more than four

More importantly, he fought in umteen pastoral wars

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life

Jesus the Savior did not move in pastoral strife

Christ kindly entreated humans ne'er bloodshed anyone

Through His worthy natural life the black maria of the world He won

Peaceably and civilly warm everyone

He even forgave them as to the mix they crucified Him

The pious fanatics crucified God's own Son

He who had for death come

To recover us from ourselves and sin

To build-up the Holy Spirit to survive within

To unfetter us from intolerant gone religion

Victoriously Christ arose from the grave

In the clout of the christ's resurrection to save

Every tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation

To state dutiful word to all, an emancipation

From every fake sacred representation

To outset within the hunch of man a new creation

That they possibly will hope and cognize their mythical place Father

Lovingly embrace and judge one another

Tasting and experiencing the decency of the Spirit

Lifting up their voice happily, that all can perceive it

Beyond being cerebral, you can be spiritual

Beyond beingness religious, you can relish revival

Beyond anyone as Islam - strict and violent

You can surpass Islam's nonphysical impotence

Bridge the dissonance and board up the gap that does distance

Mankind from its Creator

Humbly motion and implore

Christ will enlarge sacred jail doors

God is not the playwright of religion

Religion is man's creation

Religion is Satan's of import deception

The approval of heaven

Intimately cognise God 24/7

Lift up your eyes

Awake and realize

That Islam is a religious studies of orphans

They don't cognise God as Father

Hence they are on edge

Not wise to the solace of one a son or daughter

Nobody can get to the Father in heaven

But done Christ

For you He gave His life

God is not a killer, He is a enthusiasm giver

Taste and see the Lord of glory is good

Be chock-a-block with the Spirit of legality and continue living as you should

Not in quarreling and contention

But joyfully in heavenly social occasion.

For whosoever calls upon Christ Jesus

Shall be saved

No do's and don'ts have need of to be made

Believe and receive

Christ will unite your heart's need

On the crosswise for you He did bleed

Therefore you need not to die for God

Because God in Christ before died for you

Repent of sin and in your intuition invite Christ in

There is goose egg larboard to do.

Simply admit and the Spirit of God will magnificently engagement you.

Fear not! Jesus Christ the captain of the hosts and Prince of Peace

Will pass you triumph complete tribulation and spiritual production.

Give God glorification in the unbeatable and undertake order on earth

It all begins through with Jesus from whom comes holy new start.

For Christ's realm is accepted by His Holy Spirit within

Conquer the heart's of humans and this war on panic you'll win.

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