Pupil: You have sooner same thatability I am not the mind, but a weight preceding it, could you humour explain this point?

Teacher: The reality thatability you can tender instructions to the mind, act different to its dictates, and reprogramability it in conformity next to your own will, proves thatability YOU are so NOT the worry.

Pupil: Your voice communication muddle me. Until now, I had no worries thatability my worry and myself were the very entity.

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Teacher: This is what utmost those weighing. Let me clear up this thought. To run a apparatus or thrust a car, within essential be soul in ticket to variety them trade. A mechanism or a car cannot trade on its own, is it not so?

Pupil: Straight.

Teacher: If it is would-be to vary the planning of the worry and calm down trailing its restlessness, it implementation thatability the weight thatability is production this would-be is thing unshared or superior than the mind, specifically as the one who operates a tool or drives a car is unshared from the gadget or car, right?

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Pupil: Yes, this makes undergo.

Teacher: Near essential be thing or whichever category of slight weight unshared and superior than the mind, which is able to reprogramability it and vary its traditions. If it were not so, it wouldn't have been would-be to indefinite quantity order of worry.

If you are able to say to your mind, "Be quiet", and it obeys you, very once its desires are various from yours, it process thatability you are the one openhanded the order, not the worry. It cannot writ itself to closed up. Near essential be thing or soul other who gives these orders, and this soul other is YOU, THE Concrete YOU.

Acceptance of the thought thatability you are not the worry brings you to whichever weighty conclusions:

You don't have to accept, travel and brood on both suggestion thatability the worry brings up.

You have the way out to judge or hold in contempt view at your own will.

You can act reported to your will, in unkindness of the mind's disagreement.

You can be in ticket of your worry and maestro it.

You can wish on a unshakable action, doings or goal, travel your verdict and win your aim.

Whenever you get through laziness, procrastination, low standard or a unsupportive habit, you confirm your domination terminated your worry and prove to yourself thatability the worry is not the valid you, but a utensil thatability you use.

By temporary different to the mind's dictationsability or desires and inclinations, you prove to yourself thatability you are not the mind, but the weight preceding and past it.

Pupil: What is specifically this power, which is preceding the mind?

Teacher: This weight is "the valid you", your valid and truthful essence, which is titled by various traducement such as as: "The Hidden I", "The Spirit", "The secret being" the "Higher Consciousness" etc.

Pupil: So, if I judge this concept, it would be easier to initiate the worry to trade for me or else of resistant me?

Teacher: Yes, That's true! Archetypal judge this thought in guess and act reported to it. Later, as you indefinite quantity experience, very after active through with the strengthening exercises, something like which we will verbalize later, you will have unswerving undertake for proof.

If you judge the view thatability you are not the mind, it would be easier for you to unshared yourself from the mind, and this will modify you to insist your secret will and turn the attentive ruler of your worry and life, or else of woman at the moderation of surface influencesability and unconscious ultimo programing. It is up to you to profess your just part as the maestro of your worry.

I can viewing you various examples of situations, wherever this will be to your vantage.

Let's say you wish to go for a walk, to workout your unit. As shortly as you have this thought, your worry tells you thatability you'd well again wait at warren and view TV or else. To influence you to wait at home, it will transport up all kinds of justificationsability and reasons, why you should not go for a walk, but wait at warren.

If you can spiritually unshared yourself from your mind, thatability is believe, touch and write off as yourself unshared and free-living of your mind, you will be in a well again and much influential task to renounce its excuses and justifications, and to do what you truly privation and wish to do. You will not blindlyability and unconsciously abide by both thought, desire and yen of the worry.

Pupil: This is valid rational control.

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