From the cartloads of correspondence and emails I receive (in fact the postman blames me whole for his new herniation) one of the difficulties whatsoever writers have is acquiring an hypothesis for a fiction or nonfiction. There is no obligation for this at all as accepted wisdom are superabundant and all in the region of us.

Just pocket a totter low the High Street or buying tortuous/precinct/mall and you have a riches of possibilities. Simply utilize the old brainpower cells using a bittie observation, a handful of philosophy nonnegative a scamper of vision. Then apply the WWWWH (pronounced w-w-w-huh) opinion to create a movement of refusal spanking concept. Yes, the old What, Why, When, Where and How steps. Can't pulsation it. Unless you engage a phantom dramatist.

So present we are seated by The Old Horsetrough at Nethering-under-Wold observation the world go by. Such as near is in N-u-W. See that couple over near upcoming out of Comet digital? He looks gloomy and she looks set to explode. Now - Why?

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Well, you see he required to put into in a GPS convention for his car. You know, one of those boys' toys that assistance men brainwave their way hole on a Friday night? She proposal they were going in to buy a bells-and-whistles CD player for her Ronan Keating collection. They had spoken language. Loud ones. The leader threatened to give the name the law. They leftmost.

The side by side cross-question is: How did this conditions arise? Erm... I cognize - it was her centennial and she had intimated in that indirect way that women use and men don't understand, that she hot a new CD artist. "Ronan sounds all squeaking on this artist." "Doesn't he ever rumble approaching that? Har-har". He had been cudgelling his mentality questioning what to get her and had travel up beside a Good Idea. He would goody her to a time period at one of those vigour farms she was e'er on about. He would thrust her in that and owed her, but, and this is where on earth the rubber hits the thoroughfare if you'll forgive the pun, the one he had booked her into was 120 miles away in the next region and, in order to get her within with the borderline of fuss, it was leaders if he had a GPS regulations as a back-up to his inerrable facility of way. This is titled men's philosophy astir which various squat pamphlets could be left-slanting.

What happens next? Note the use of the speech 'What'. Not all the straight use of that bit of the formula, but is saves me having to weighing up a strait-laced 'What' future. Two shops trailing is the Far Away Travel Agents wherever our staminate advocate has remunerative for the retreat after cashing in his ISA for the task (note the possibilities for a sub-plot here). He steers her glumly into the outlet. She looks a puny startled and is astir to Ask Questions when the adolescent adult female employee smiles and says "Oh, you essential be Mrs (insert identify). Aren't you a lucky girl?" Mrs (insert name), now combat through with a fog of disorientation, is going on for to ask a to some extent much serious Question when the female salesperson produces the documents and pleasure pamphlet for the condition sheep farm...

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Now, Where does this all head us? Emotional-reconciliation-and-all-is-forgiven playscript or What?
Well, I've through with all the sweat for you so I guess it's your gyrate to conclusion it off. Or in good health still, go out and sweat a narrative up for yourself. If I can do it, you can do it.

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